Let the Health Data Hacking Begin!!

Time to get started, pick your challenge, and get your game on! Here are the links to the RocHackHealth healthcare data hackathon challenges.  Each Challenge README Page contains instructions and links to the downloadable data files. You may use any coding or analytic tools that you like. Challenge 1:  Predict Hospital Readmissions: README #1 and[…]

RocHackHealth 2016

RocHackHealth 2016 Hackathon Challenges!

Here is a preview of the RocHackHealth 2016 challenges!  Full information and data will be posted on Friday April 8, 2016.  But just in case you are curious: Challenge #1:  Predicting Hospital Re-Admissions:  In this challenge, your team will try to predict which patients will be re-admitted to the hospital after being discharged from a[…]