Let the Health Data Hacking Begin!!

Time to get started, pick your challenge, and get your game on!

Here are the links to the RocHackHealth healthcare data hackathon challenges.  Each Challenge README Page contains instructions and links to the downloadable data files.

You may use any coding or analytic tools that you like.

Challenge 1:  Predict Hospital Readmissions: README #1 and Presentation Template

Challenge 2:  Follow the Narcotics:  README #2 and Presentation Template

Challenge 3:  Healthcare Social Networking:  README #3 and Presentation Template

Remember, each team should put together a 5 slide presentation using the templates by noon on Sunday.  These will be displayed on monitors throughout the atrium, and you will have a chance to explain what you did to your fellow healthcare data hackers.

And may the code be ever in your favor….

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