RocHackHealth 2016 Competition Update

It’s time for the final push…and a few instructions for tomorrow.

For Challenge #1:  Predicting Readmissions

The validation file can be downloaded from here.  Please submit your results in the following format as a CSV file:

patient_nbr   encounter_id   Readmitted
124529             6110985                          1
444442            9912345                          0
909090            4455789                         2

where 0=not readmitted, 1=readmitted <30 days and, 2=readmitted >30 days.


Send in Your Presentation and Results by 12:00 PM

To be eligible for the prizes, please email us three items to

(1) YourTeamName_README.txt  This should have your team member’s names and email addresses.  Use a unique team name for the file so we can identify you

(2) YourTeamName_SLIDES.ppt  This should contain your team’s presentation using the PowerPoint templates provided in each of the Challenge’s README files. We will upload these and have them cycle through the monitors during lunch so you can see what others have done and present your own work.  The winning teams will get to present their approaches.

(3) YourTeamName_RESULTS  For Challenge #1, this should be a .CSV file with your predictions from the validation data set.  See the instructions for the file layout.  For Challenges #2 and #3, please send us one high quality (and beautiful) overall image that shows your main finding (a network image, a clustering graphic, a map, etc.).  Please us .JPEG, .TIF or .PDF formats.

See you at the awards!!!

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