RocHackHealth 2016 Winning Teams

And the Winning Teams for the
RocHackHealth 2016
Healthcare Data Hackathon Are:

Awards presented by:

Dr. Martin Zand (left), Director of the Rochester Center for Health Informatics and
Co-Directer of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Dr. Henry Kautz (right), Director of the Goergen Institute for Data Science
University of Rochester, Rochester NY

Challenge #1 – Predicting Hospital Readmissions

Predict readmissions with a positive predictive value and low negative predictive value.  This team’s entry used dimensional reduction, principal component analysis and machine learning to predict which patients would be readmitted to the hospital!


The A Team:
Alykhan Alani, Adora D’Souza, Arnab Sarkar,  Anas Abidin,  Sushant K

Challenge #2 – Follow the Narcotics

Find providers who are outliers in prescribing controlled substances (narcotics, sedatives) from the Medicare 2013 data set.  This team’s entry found a number of providers who had already been indicted for questionable narcotic prescription volumes!


Team AHA
Anthony Corbett, 
Hillary Lincourt, Andy Straw

Challenge #3 – Provider Teaming in NY State

Create a social network analysis of how providers in Rochester are connected to providers in NY state by shared patients using the Medicare 2013 data set.  This team’s entry created a social network graph and provider geospatial map of Medicare providers and their teaming for patient care!


Team Datalization
Giulia Paris, Hunter Johnston, Thanatcha Khunket (Kwan), Zino Hu

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