Healthcare Deep Data Dive 2016



Coming Again in Fall 2016

Looking to Discuss Health Care Data?

Then ROCHD3 is the event for you!

The Rochester Healthcare Deep Data Dive, ROCHD3, is an “un-conference” focused on bringing together healthcare data hackers, app designers, entrepreneurs, students, healthcare professionals, tech developers and individuals with new, innovative and effective uses of health data to improve patient outcomes and overall health. It will also drive topics for a Rochester Health Care Hack event next spring.

An “un-conference” is an event without the rules and structure of a classical conference. YOU, the participants create the agenda and discussions. It is fun way to help develop ideas and make many new academic and business connections with the possibility of developing long-term collaborative relationships.

ROCHD3 is what you make it


DocGraph: Healthcare Provider Networking Graphs
DrugGraph: Healthcare Provider Prescribing Practices Data
Associative and Graph Databases in Healthcare
CryptoHealth: Using blockchain and cryptocurrency methods for health data
Twitter Healthcare applications
Big Data Visualization
Network and Graph Theory

The “Ungenda”

Registration and breakfast begins at 8 AM with plenty of coffee and networking
Event kick off promptly at 9 AM
What is Healthcare Data? 4 slides x 4minutes (4×4’s) from the Sponsors
Lunch and more networking will be around 12:30pm
Breakout discussions for most of the afternoon
Group 4x4s in the Auditorium around 3:30pm
Wrap up will be at 4:30pm
Post HD3 libations at College Town (Beer Market) around 5:00 PM